We perform Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies.

We are non-denominational wedding ministers and so an interfaith wedding ceremony is something that we do consistently. We understand that interfaith weddings can be a very sensitive event and we respect that two different people with two different religions are coming together. We also understand that there are two different sets of families with differing opinions.

We feel that your wedding day is uniquely yours and we're there as your wedding officiant to make it special. Please call us if you would like an interfaith marriage.

We perform Non-Religious Wedding Ceremonies.
We get the most requests for a non-religious wedding vow. We understand and we respect your wishes. We are non-denominational wedding officiants and we honor what you want said during your wedding ceremony format.

We will officiate the non religious wedding ceremony the way you want it. It's your wedding day, after all, and it should be the way that fits you and your mate's beliefs and lifestyle.

We perform Religious and Spiritual Wedding Ceremonies

Although we are non-denominational ministers, we can officiate at any wedding ceremony that you prefer. Sometimes your church minister can't make it. No problem, we can. And sometimes you just want a wedding vow that reflects your spiritual feelings or your religious beliefs but you don't want to be married in a church. That's no problem.

We perform Civil Wedding Ceremonies.

What is a civil wedding ceremony? Well, it's one that has no religious references, no prayers, no mention of any god in the wedding vows, and no dogma. No problem. We can do it for you.
Many times we are asked to perform a civil wedding ceremony for a couple who are planning to get married later on in front of family but need the formality and legality of a civil wedding.

We perform Same Sex Wedding Ceremonies.